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How do we define sustainability?

written by
Sortin Team

November 6, 2023

With every brand claiming to be sustainable, it can be difficult to wade through claims and identify what is truly better for the planet and you. Here is how we define sustainability:

Carbon Emissions is our North Star metric. Whatever can't be measured, can't be solved for!

And this is how we break it down:

  • Better technology: Most of the brands we support make truly better alternatives for everyday products, that have a significantly lower carbon emissions. For eg. solid (bar based) shampoos, conditioners and creams over water based-(emissions of transporting bottled water avoided)

  • Better material: Raw materials make all the difference! Clean ingredients are a must. And how they are sourced makes all the difference Think fashion made of low emission fabrics like Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp

  • Promotes Circularity: We want to support brands that help avoiding using up new resources and use material already available. Think 2nd hand/thrifting clothes, up-cycling or recycling material

  • Better Packaging: Packaging is responsible for significant household footprint. We love brands that promote Zero Waste or minimal packaging

  • Process & Resources: How a product is made is key to carbon emissions. It is all the more better if renewable energy and transport is in in the mix. Truly being Net Zero will require efforts on all ends

  • People: Who makes the products are made is important too. Brands that empower local communities, champion diversity are the ones we love all the more

  • Kinder to Biodiversity: We stand against cruelty towards animals, and love promoting Vegan alternatives

  • Carbon Neutrality: We have mixed feeling about carbon neutrality, it matters how you get there. Planting trees alone does not help if the business continues to unapologetically generate more emissions with no pathway to reducing them in sight

  • Core values: but it is important for sustainability to be a focus area for brands to make real strides in that direction. We appreciate it when brands champion sustainability and are transparent in their reports/social media

  • Certifications: definitely help verify claims, and we have listed all relevant certifications under each brand. But we understand how painful getting them can be, specially for smaller businesses

We understand sustainability is a journey, and everyone is learning. And hence, it is okay if all products don't meet each of these criteria but what matters is that we try!

It is a Work in Progress.

While we have currently listed brands basis information available publicly, we are in the process of reaching out to each of them and validating these details. Keep checking this space for more.