Kedia Organic

Kedia Organic9.5

Kedia Organic is a pan-India supplier of farm-to-fork, organic food groceries, grains, fruits, vegetables, A2 dairy products

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Fruit Box & Co

Fruit Box & Co7

Fruit Box & Co is a provider of fresh fruits and vegetables, sourced from local markets

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Pluckk is a farm-to-fork provider of fresh vegetables and fruits across India

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Beleefy is a provider of straight from farm leafy vegetables and fruits

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Kisaan Se Kitchen Tak is a vertically-integrated provider of organic vegetables, fruits, grains, spices, dry fruits and other staples

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Two Brothers Organic Farms

Two Brothers Organic Farms9.3

Two Brothers Organic Farms is a leading provider of 100% organic food staples, grains, A2 dairy products and millets based snacks

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