Arani Eco

Arani Eco8.8

Arani Eco provides Plastic-Free Zero-Waste alternatives across Personal (soap, shampoo and facewash Bars, toothpaste Tablets) and Home (Dissolvable Tablet, Grains and Pod based cleaning products) care categories.

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Coco Custo

Coco Custo9.5

Coco Custo provides Zero-waste, natural and organic alternatives for laundry detergents, surface cleaners and coir based scrubs

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Krya provides Ayurveda-first products like Abhyanga oils, uptans, serums and other skin, hair and home care solutions

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Beco provides Bamboo based alternatives across Personal (facial tissues and wipes, toothbrush) and Home (tissue roll, kitchen towel) care categories. They also offer Zero-Waste home cleaning products

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Born Good

Born Good8.8

Born Good reinvents home cleaning and fragrance solutions using plant based products

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Madras Soapery

Madras Soapery8.9

Madras Soapery manufactures all natural soaps and skin care products. They also provide laundry, home surface and pet cleaning products

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Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities9

Bare Necessities is replacing daily use cleaning Liquids with Dissolvable Powders for your Handwash, Surface Cleaner and Dishwash. They also provide personal care alternatives like soap and shampoo Bars, dental kit, upcycled material bags etc.

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Pure Cult

Pure Cult7.1

Pure Cult is sustainable brand that offers clean alternatives for home care products - surface & toilet cleaners, laundry detergent, hand and dish wash

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