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“ Right now, there’s a stalemate surrounding whose responsibility it is to solve the climate crisis: People expect organizations to be better and offer better when it comes to sustainability. Organizations have been waiting for more people to demand sustainable products ” - Accenture

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sortin club: shop from partner brands and earn sortin coins!

We are partnering with your favourite brands to measure carbon emissions avoided by using their products (in compliance with Global Life Cycle Assessment standards, Ofcourse!) And the best part? You can earn sortin coins directly for each gram of carbon emissions saved.


Shop sustainable brands

Discover and shop from sustainable brands across categories - from vegan alternatives, zero waste home products to sustainable fashion and more, we got you covered.


Automatically earn rewards for shopping sustainably

Just connect your Gmail account and automatically get sortin coins for all sustainable shopping in 2024! Redeem against exclusive offers on your next sustainable purchase.


Challenge yourself to live better

Sustainable living goes beyond shopping sustainably. There’s another way you can earn sortin coins - by challenging yourself to adopt sustainable habits. Walk/cycle/take a metro and get rewarded for that as well.


We are on a mission to decarbonize consumer goods and services, that influence more than 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

And we can’t do it alone.

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We are a passionate lot that loves to solve difficult problems. And couldn’t agree more that climate change is the biggest problem that needs to be solved

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About sortin

We at sortin are on mission to make sustainable living easy and rewarding for you, the end consumer.

We have launched “the sortin club” – a coalition loyalty program uniting sustainable brands to reward conscientious shoppers like never before. We are partnering with brands to quantify CO2e saved by their products, and rewarding you for each gram of carbon emissions saved.

You can download the sortin app and unlock more ways of earning sortin rewards.

Additionally, you can access a curated list of sustainable brands across consumption categories - available on both our website and mobile app.

How does the user earn sortin coins?

Currently, there are 3 ways by which you can earn sortin coins

1. By making sustainable purchases on our partner brands' websites. We reward you for each gram of greenhouse gas emissions you avoid.

2. By completing sustainable challenges like Take the Metro, walk/cycle to your destination etc (available exclusively on our Mobile app)

3. Connect your Gmail account to earn sortin coins for all sustainable purchases in 2024 (available exclusively on our Mobile app)

How does sortin reward its users?

On sortin mobile app and website, you can find lucrative offers and experiences from the best sustainable brands which can be claimed against sortin coins on the platform, making sure that every contribution you make towards a more sustainable future is rewarded